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Fall is Officially Here!

You know if it is Fall in Seattle if the leaves are a gradient color and it is sunny outside, yet the temperature is cold and rainy. The air is really crisp this time of the year.

Even though I am stress out about school, I want to take a moment to enjoy this changing and shifting of season. This is my favorite time of the year because of holiday decorations. As soon as October is over, the Christmas stuff begin to appear in malls, houses, and in the spirit of people. I hope this year's Christmas will be a good one to be remembered. There is nothing specialy plan , but I cannot wait to take a break from school and be lazy around the house, watching Christmas movies on TV and Netflix. UGH I CANNOT WAIT!!!!!


An Update

It's been two weeks since school started for me, and I am slowly getting back to my old nerdy self. It takes a while to adjust to school and thinking critically again with the common sense sensibilities. This quarter is the most challenging quarter so far for me. I am taking an Economy class that requires alot of reading, quick thinking, and participation in class discussion. I just hope for the spirit and inspiration to keep on moving and to keep on working hard towards 4.0s in all classes.

School is back again.

After four months of being on vacation, I am finally back at school. Today is my first day back and it feels worse than the first day of high school. This is my last year in at a community college before I transfer to a four year university and I am shit scared about failing and not capable of success.

classes i am taking fall 2010:
1. English 101. The focus is on research papers, but it feels like high school lit class.
2. Economy 100. Crazy teacher with a clear concise view of teaching and he is harsh.
3. Environment 202. No idea.

Make-Up Need List

1. Foundation
2. Concealer
3. Eye brow fillers
4. Eyeliner
6. Coral lipstick
7.Loose powder

1. Powder brush
2. Flat concealer brush
3. angled brush

Fall Is Here!

I am so excited for the arrival of the Fall season. My favorite thing about Fall is the weather and the change that occurs, and of course, all my favorite holidays occur during Fall. The weather is- especially here in Seattle-is cozy and relaxing, like sitting in front of a warm fireplace with a cup of delicious coco in your hands. It is cold outside, but the it is sunny with gray skies. All of it add together to make a calming and cozy environment. Even though Fall means going back to school and stress of college, I think it is totally worth for the spirit and colors of the season. School begins and then before you know it, shops begin to sell Halloween candies and decorations, and then in a quick second, Thanksgiving arrives. After all the Thanksgiving dinner has been eaten, you know that Christmas is just around the corner. It is strange for someone who grew up in a conservative Asian and non-Christian family to become an avid believer of the Christmas spirit and the joy of the season. My Christmas was non-existence, except for the 20 dollars Christmas tree that we bought at Walgreen and a bunch of random ornaments and decorations that I manage to get. Both of my mother and father worked on every Christmas past. No dinner and no smells of cookies. For the rest of us who did not grew up with out the tradition and a sense of family, Christmas allows some of us to create our own close kinship and a sense of belonging along with the rest of those who are lucky enough to have strong tradition in it. I live through the decorations, the musics, the lights, and the Christmas mood. As I sit here with only four hours of sleep, writing this seem like a useless thing to do right now. I should be sleeping, but I am so excited for the holidays to come this year. Getting older means I have alot more control over my own life and it feels good.

Here are some images I found on google images and tumblr.

I never baked any cookies before, but I am excited to bake sugar cookies this year. I hope everything will turn out okay and I am able to do it.