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airplane food, any hot men, black, coffee, collecting magazines, ellen, etc, fashion blogs, football, frap, french macaroons, french men, green and white tea, i-d, italian vogue, languages, learning, lemonade. and strawberry, lula, make-up, movies, net-a-porter, oprah, reading books, reality television, russh, skin care, spanish men, starbucks's, tea, topshop, traveling, vogue paris, youtube videos
uhhh, I was born in a beach town in Vietnam. I moved to the States when I was eight years old with my mother and my brother. Ever since then it has been a struggle to find myself and survive in this harsh environment. I love fashion, and this is a true understatement. I don't feel like I have any skill in fashion because I am not very creative or have a penchant for good writing. Maybe live journal is the perfect practice ground.
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